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November 16, 2012
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(A/N: I meant to post this like, almost 2 months ago, but I'm just easily distracted. But I finally got it and here it is~ Enjoy~)


It was just like any other day: You got back from your shift at the place where you worked and walked home, and usually, it was near nighttime by the time you finally got home. You ate dinner and then did something to occupy yourself until you were tired enough to sleep. Yeah. Same routine, blah blah blah. What was different about tonight was that there was a knock on your door. Raising an eyebrow, you walked over and opened the door before frowning.
No one was at the door.
You were about to close the door and go back inside when something with bright blue caught you from the corner of your eye. You looked and saw a cupcake sitting on your doorstep with a note under it. You grabbed the cupcake then unfolded the note:
Hey, __[nickname]__! I just wanted you to know that I really care about you. So I just randomly decided to make this for you. Don't worry bro, I didn't let England anywhere near it. Hope you like it, dude!

You even read it in his voice as you squinted at the writing, straining to read the chicken scratch that America called "handwriting". But... a cupcake? He had a crush on you, but he didn't seem like the type of guy to make a cupcake for you. "Might as well call and confirm this..." you muttered, taking the cupcake and the note inside and placing them on the coffee table as you got out your phone and dialed his number.

*2P!America POV*

I watched as _[name]_ picked up the cupcake and then got the note. Well, if I was gonna make it to America's house, might as well go now.
I looked at my phone to check the time: 8:13. Hm. Only took me two minutes to get here. I grinned to myself, looking into the window of the house to see my doppelganger stuffing his face with a hamburger. This'll be all too easy. I opened the door silently, slipping in without a sound. Thank God I actually listened to Arthur and didn't put ALL of the sleeping pills into the cupcake. Even if he didn't know what I was going to be using the excess for.
Right behind America, I grinned, laughing lightly to add to the desired effect of shock that I was able to get from him when he heard me say, "Long time no see, Alfred." He gasped and turned, looking me up and down as if to confirm if it was really me or not. Ha. I was just getting started.

*America POV*

"What the hell are you doing here?!" I growled, glaring at my look-alike. _[name]_ told me everything that happened the night they came face to face; from the alley, to the kiss, to his visit in the middle of the night. If he was planning on getting to her... He just laughed more! What the...? "Oh nothing... Don't worry about it, Alfred, not like it's any of your concern," he said in my voice, grinning. "If you're here for _[name]_, you can't have her!" I hissed, hoping that looks could kill.
Suddenly, the phone rang, but apparently Al had the same idea I did, looking at the phone then back at me just as I did the same. We both dashed for the phone, me reaching it first, only to have him knock it out of my hand and send it flying to the other side of the room. We both scrambled after it, tripping over our own feet. He got it this time, and before he could hit talk, I punched him in the face, hitting his right eye, causing him to cry out and drop the phone. I got the phone and was about to answer when I felt him tackling me to the ground, flipping me over onto my back.
I gasped for breath, seeing as our little scuffle had taken the energy out of me. He grinned, and that grin killed me on the inside. "Good night, 'hero'," he said, shoving something into my mouth and forcing me to swallow. I slowly started to feel woozy and then my vision blurred, fading slightly at the edges. His voice was a distant and unclear droning in my mind but I could barely hear the beep of the phone. "Hey, _[name]_!" I heard, and I tried to summon my strength once more, but I couldn't... I just... couldn't... even keep my eyes open...

I'll try and remember to post the next part either later today or tomorrow. Actually, the former is more likely, I won't forget then.

2P!America (c) Whoever came up with the idea of 2P!Hetalia.
Hetalia (c) Himaruya Hidekaz
You (c) Al
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